Jack Clode

A Co-Founder of Blackpeak, Jack has worked in leadership roles in the risk advisory sector for over 20 years. Jack oversees major risk projects throughout Asia, and his expertise includes complex due diligence, fraud investigations and intellectual property protection. His work covers many sectors, including energy, infrastructure, logistics and telecommunications. His clients include Fortune 500 companies, Asian conglomerates, global financial institutions and sovereign wealth funds. 

Jack started his career in 1995, moving to Hong Kong and pioneering complex risk research. By 2001 he was head of Asia’s largest risk and investigations firm. His career eventually led him to establish Blackpeak, together with some of Asia’s leading risk experts and investment advisors.

He now co-leads Blackpeak’s global growth strategy, even while being actively involved with client and project work on a daily basis. 

Jack is frequently interviewed by the international media on risk issues in Asia, including by the New York Times, Reuters, 60 Minutes and Forbes.

Contact details:

T +852 3758 2141
E jclode@blackpeakgroup.com