Chris Leahy

A Co-Founder of Blackpeak, Chris has more than 25 years of leadership experience in risk advisory, banking and finance in the Asia–Pacific region. Based in Singapore, Chris has led risk projects all around the region. He has extensive industry knowledge and contacts within the financial and corporate communities in Asia, gained from his various leadership roles in the finance industry.

As the head of Blackpeak’s Southeast Asia business, Chris manages complex due diligence, investigations, business intelligence and dispute cases in the region. In addition to client and project work, Chris oversees Blackpeak’s growth and strategic initiatives together with the other partners.

Prior to founding Blackpeak, Chris was the Asia–Pacific head of Kroll, the global risk advisory business, and built the firm’s Southeast Asian practice. He was also the former head of investment banking in Asia for Crosby and, prior to that, was an executive director of BNP Peregrine Capital. Chris is an authority on corporate governance in Asia and has been a member of the secretariat of the Asian Corporate Governance Association since 2004.

International media (including the BBC, Reuters, the Strait Times and the Asian Venture Capital Journal) frequently solicit Chris to comment on market and regional issues in Asia. He is also regularly invited to speak at various conferences and trainings, and to contribute to writing industry-related articles.

Contact details:

T +65 6521 7051