We research into both listed and unlisted companies for our hedge and other institutional fund clients. We help our fund clients test their investment hypotheses by utilizing our investigative methodology, including verifying specific business operations, understanding market growth potential and examining the background and track record of key principals at a target company.

We are also able to offer our clients insights into the business and market position of their competitors, potential joint venture partners and acquisition targets. Working strictly within the letter and spirit of laws and regulations relating to information gathering, including the FCPA and the Bribery Act as well as SEC and other regulations, we can help our clients understand the companies with which they are dealing.

Political risks evaluation

Blackpeak conducts bespoke, targeted research to help our clients assess their exposure to current and evolving political risk, including practical analysis and evaluation of specific geopolitical, regulatory and security challenges. We provide strategic intelligence and analysis on political developments and regulatory changes that could impact specific investments or business transactions: from market-entry studies, to stakeholder mapping, to monitoring and evaluating potential changes in the political and regulatory environment, whether local, national or international.

Our experienced team of country analysts covers the entire Asia-Pacific region, including expertise ranging from China to Myanmar, Korea to Vietnam, and globally in the emerging markets of Africa, Middle East and Latin America. We have particular experience covering countries in the Belt and Road Initiative, including the ability to deliver best in class research and analysis in English, Chinese and Japanese.