Blackpeak specializes in investigative due diligence – an independent and discreet gathering and analysis of information to look for undisclosed incidents or risks. Our investigative research methodology incorporates discreet human source inquiries and site visits, along with public records research.

A typical due diligence project will include the following scope of work:

  • Understand the background of each company’s formation, ownership structure and how each company has evolved over time. Include information on subsidiaries or affiliated individuals and entities, if applicable.
  • Identify previously undisclosed business affiliations, related-party transactions, and also provide analysis on the relevance of such businesses to our client.
  • Understand the target companies’ business scope, and understand current issues such as product quality and safety; labor unrest; environmental problems; relationships with employees, vendors and creditors; the extent of local government support and relations; and any other material litigation or involvement in commercial disputes.
  • Understand whether the companies have been tied to any litigation or allegations of bribery, corruption or fraud.
  • Look for indications of undisclosed financial problems, regulatory compliance issues, or other detrimental information that may affect the transaction or planned business relationship.
  • Develop profiles of the key principals, check their names against litigation and regulatory databases (including anti-money laundering and sanctions), and also gather industry knowledge on their reputation and standing within their business communities.
  • Understand the external business interests and past track records of the key principals to the extent relevant to the proposed transaction or relationship.