“The internship was one of the best learning experiences and most rewarding summers I have ever had. " Singapore Intern – Summer 2016

My experience with Blackpeak featured prominently within my personal statement upon applying to law schools, where I was successful in all of my applications. It was an incredible time I spent working with Blackpeak in Singapore, and thank you again for giving me such an amazing opportunity.” Singapore Intern – Summer 2015

“I enjoyed the direct exposure to current projects, the welcoming team and the opportunity to get to know the whole team through communication in and out of work.” Shanghai Intern – Summer 2014

“The internship has most definitely exceeded my expectations. The work was a great experience, and the opportunity to work with such a diverse, close team. Team lunches and teambuilding activities from early on in the program enabled me to learn more about Blackpeak team members, beyond their work, which was a great way for an intern to become more comfortable in the workplace.” Shanghai Intern – Summer 2014

“One of the best aspects of interning at Blackpeak is that the company entrusted me to assist on their main projects, with close guidance by highly experienced experts in the field. I was given many opportunities to learn, and more importantly to practice what I learnt.” Hong Kong Intern, now working as Senior Associate – Winter 2013

"It was a rewarding and mind-opening experience interning at Blackpeak after college. I developed a well-rounded set of skills through working on different projects from case launch to delivery and received close guidance from seniors. I enjoyed being a member of this fast-growing and encouraging firm." Shanghai Intern, now working as Senior Associate – Spring and summer 2013